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Choose a psychic reading, medium reading, tarot reading, angel reading, numerology reading, akashic reading, or another type of reading from the reader you feel drawn to! Psychics, mediums, tarot readers, angel readers, paranormal readers, akashic readers, and readers from all walks of life, and modalities are here to help you find the answers you need! Browse our readers, and find the perfect one to help you search for the truth about your situation or circumstances! They are all standing by to help!

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Psychic Readings

Do you have questions about past, present, or future circumstances and situations you need answers to? A psychic reading can help you with the answers you are seeking!

Medium Readings

Do you have a question in relation to someone who is no longer living, or do you have paranormal activity in your home? A medium can help with the answers you need!

Tarot Readings

What do the cards have in store for your future? Tarot readings are an excellent way to find insight and clarity in any situation or circumstance in your life through the cards!

Empath Readings

Do you need to know how someone else feels about you or a situation where there is no communication? Having a reading with an empath can work wonders to help you better understand someone!

Career Readings

These readings are specifically for questions surrounding your career, or your life’s work, Not sure what your next career move should be? Let’s ask the guides, and find out!

Love Readings

Not sure where your current relationship is going? Are you wondering what information you can find out about your future partner? A love reading can help bring clarity to your love life!

Explore Your Own Natural Abilities, or Learn Something New!


What’s in a number? Explore your most important personal numbers and what they mean for you and your life complete with a five-year forecast!

Psychic Medium Development

Do you have experiences that point to having natural psychic and/or medium abilities? Learn how to tap into them!


Learn what your astrology says about your personality and your life purposes. Your natal chart carries your complete blueprint for life!

Energy Healing Options


Explore healing through the ancient art of Reiki through our resident Reiki practitioner.


Learn about the fascinating healing properties of our Earth with our resident Herbalist!

Law of Attraction

Learn the art of manifesting through the natural law of attraction in relation to other natural universal laws!