Psychic, Medium, Empath, and Business Development Coaching with Beth Layne


Beth Layne

I have been helping others develop their natural psychic and medium abilities as well as learn to better cope with their natural empathic abilities for over 25 years. I have helped many across the world fully realize their capabilities in using their natural talents in service of others in many different fields where their abilities are needed! I would absolutely LOVE to help you with yours!

We will work together one on one and with other students from wherever you are with your abilities to help you release any fears associated with your gifts and build confidence in using them to discern and ultimately use to help others along their life journeys.

If you are serious about using your natural abilities, I can help guide you through learning what your strongest to weakest abilities are, and how to strengthen them all and guide you through every step to reaching your highest potential with them. Take advantage of my many years of experience in using my natural abilities in service of others, as well as my many years of experience in helping others fully realize their own natural abilities to help you along your path with YOURS!

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Here is what a few previous students have to say about working with me……

Working with Beth changed my life!

Her faith and belief in me have always been unwavering. What she taught me totally changed my life and allowed me to travel the world working by phone to help others with my own abilities.

Working with Beth was an unbelievable experience!

Beth has a natural way of pulling abilities you didn’t even know you had out and teaching you to use them!
Brett S.

What a wonderful experience!

Doing Beth’s 8 Week Program was tons of fun! I loved learning about my abilities and connecting with others worldwide who were doing the same! I am working now as a psychic!