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Guides Caution: “Get Your S#$% Together” Is a Lie!!

As a functioning adult (or semi-functioning at the very least) I often take a moment to look around and evaluate myself. I ask my guides and myself, “Who am I? Where am I?” Also, as a psychic reader, energy reader, and medium, I have been known to have tunnel vision where I focus only on psychic readings and medium readings to the disregard of everything else. (Because I love it!) 

Hearing the truth from guides

Today, I looked at a pile (I wished it was a fiery pyre) of mail I had accrued on my desk that swam among tarot card and astrology books I had pulled from my library, charging cords, old dishes, etc. That thought sent me to other thoughts. Laundry, dusting, cleaning, cooking, mowing, etc. I felt defeated and a little worthless. If someone came into my house at this moment, I would feel embarrassed. I said very condescendingly to myself, “I need to get my S#$% together.” IMMEDIATELY I heard from that still small voice, “No…you don’t.” 

No, I don’t? What? What does that mean? 

Of course, like everyone, I immediately question what I’m hearing/thinking.

What had I heard? “No…you don’t.” The response was calm and direct. Guides, then.

So I asked out loud, “Why don’t I?” 

“You are exactly in the right place for right now. Look around. What calls to you? It’s not all your S#$%.” 

“No,” I thought. “It definitely isn’t.” Looking at all that S#$% made my chest hurt. I sat down and gladly chilled…you know, I wouldn’t want to insult the wisdom of my guides…I tried to tap into my connection to my source. 




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Connect to guides

I literally touched my heart and said “Peace, peace, peace, peace…” I spoke it as long as it took to really feel peace. I spoke it until I had bliss, and I didn’t want to leave. Heck yeah, I’ll gladly stay right there.

Then I said out loud, “Speak to me about my best path, right now.”

Quick clear answer again. “What do you feel would make you happy if you touched it?” 

I surveyed. Cringe. What’s one item that drew me in? I spoke, “The bills and letters. I have an urge to stack them, neatly.” 

“Do it.”

I did. I did feel better, but I had a new urge. I wanted to take one stack and deal with them. Open them. Throw away. I told myself, “Don’t look at everything else. Just look at the one stack.” As I sorted and tossed, I felt better and better and better. I noticed another stack. I managed it. Then I picked up the books, then dishes, then…. You get it. 

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So What??

I stood looking at a mostly cleared surface, and I felt peace. I heard, “Learn something?” and I felt smiles. Laughter. 

“Yes,” I said, “I learned what I already knew.” I learned what I’d been told so many times in videos and books and psychic readings…focus. One thing. I felt calm and let my inner self focus my attention. With each acceptance or reception of each task I felt peace and (as Abraham Hicks says) relief. So I rejoiced in my victory. Rather than see all my S#$% as a big ol’ loss, I saw each thing that felt like relief as a victory. Everything felt so good, then.  

I learned (again) to slow down if I want to speed up. In a place of peace, peaceful urges come that lead to more peace. 

Nothing though has anything to do with S#$%. Everything has something to do with peace. What is your relationship to peace, right now? In this moment. That’s the only moment you can control, this moment. 

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As we learn to listen to our guides, we begin to make connections with them on what may seem to be the most mundane things. Yet, they talk to us where we are. Remember, we are always with them and they are with us. They are always at the ready to, well, guide. 

Plus, the burdens we place on ourselves (like cleaning off a desk)  are often unconscious because we are well practiced at accepting them very fast. Slowing ourselves down helps us see the burdens and hear our guides. Our guides are very respectful. We will not hear them communicate unless we are open and receptive. They WILL always communicate. They communicate through a thought in your head, a comment on the radio, a video that just “happens” to pop up on your feed, a bird, a number… You get it. 

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How do we hear our guides to help us with things like getting our S#$% together? 

First, turn off the noise. Turn off the television, music, etc. Stay there a few minutes. 

Does noise disrupt our thinking? Yes. According to Dr. Norman Doidge, a psychiatrist, researcher and faculty at the University of Toronto’s Department of Psychiatry, in his book The Brain That Changes Itself states that continuous background noise also known as white noise which comes from our everyday lives, can harm your brain by overstimulating your auditory cortex– the part of the brain that helps us perceive sound. And it’s even worse in children. One disturbing study that Dr. Doidge cites showed that the closer children lived to the noisy airport in Frankfurt, Germany, the lower was their intelligence.

Second, turn on soothing sounds or a fan or a brown (or pink or white) noise. These sounds help our brains reset to a quieter place. When you do this at first, it may feel very uncomfortable. Noise and/or music can be a friend, a presence in our lives. Yet, these steady sounds will psychologically allow us to hear our guides. 

According to, “While brown noise is still a form of “noise,” it’s deeper in tone with a more natural sound than white noise. Brown noise produces a low-frequency rumble that’s less jarring, better neutralizes higher-pitched sounds, and provides a soothing feeling of calm and focus. Think of it like a lullaby for adults, without the nursery rhymes.”

Third, do less. Take a nap or a quick doze. I love zoning out until I doze a few minutes. One year as a high school teacher and bus driver, I worked a ten-hour day. I left home at 6 am and I finished driving at 4 pm. I didn’t have one break until 2:10 pm and I had to leave by 2:45 to get the bus ready for the afternoon drive. By that time of the day, around all those hundreds of energies, I was always energetically exhausted. 

My favorite thing to do was to lock my door, put my feet up, turn off the lights, connect to source, and listen to meditations or sound that helped me doze off quickly. Usually, I snored myself awake after only 5-10 minutes, max. Yet, that reset helped me finish my day in a joyful, happy place. 

I realized, too, I do have my S#$% together. If I’m touching source and giving myself my full love and attention, that’s all I need to care about. All that mail and dishes, etc. will take care of itself. Getting chilled to deal with it makes it joyful and productive and full of self praise, not self deprecation. 

If you need help, or are just curious contact me for a reading. Let’s have fun! Peace Y’all! Leah

Peace, Ya’ll!–Luna Leah

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