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4 Steps to Dispel Negativity Quickly

You Can Change Negativity and Momentum Around You and Change Your Attraction

If you are a student of the Law of Attraction  at any level, you know that what you feel attracts more of what you feel. (Personally I love Abraham Hicks.) We all have people around us who seem to sweep us into a tidal wave of negative momentum, and we may feel inept at staying out of or getting out of the swirling water. Don’t believe the lie. Your ability to change energy is significant. As a psychic reader and energy reader, I love watching the waves and moves of energy around me. It’s always consistent and fascinating. From that watching, I’ve come up with 4 steps to take to change the energy around you. 

  1. Stand back and truthfully read the energy around you.
  2. If you are feeling negativity, find the lie you are believing.
  3. Talk to your spirit team and ask them to help you.
  4. Get out of your head and watch for your team to step in and help

How do these work? Allow me to illustrate.

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Negativity in the workplace

As a high school educator, I saw (experienced, manifested, etc.) daily examples of negativity. Oddly enough, the examples that bothered me the most were from adults, and not from students. Students get passes, because, even if they are bigger than you, they are, after all, still children–smelly, tantrum throwing, self-absorbed goobers, but still, children.

As teachers, many of us feel passionately about what we do. We create a little bundle of education that we hold like a baby. That baby can be a lesson, a class, a project, etc. As we rejoice over our creation, we love to see other people rejoice in it, too. In looking at fellow teachers, students, bosses, etc. we want to take them by the neck and steer their face into the beauty we have created “Isn’t it awesome? Don’t you see how incredibly amazing this is? And by default, how amazing I am for creating it?” (This is a fairly one sided energy.)

We teachers (well, okay, I mean myself, but I’m sure I’m not alone) think our creations are so beautiful. We gaze at them, replay how they performed, invite praise for them, but (and like Pee Wee Herman said, “That’s a big ‘but’”) very, very rarely do we get satisfying respect that equals what we feel we deserve. 

Couldn’t that apply to anything we do well on ANY job? Paid or otherwise? Just asking. 

Early in my teaching career I had five preps (meaning I taught five different high school classes each day), I planned field trips to see theater performances of literature, we played games, I single handedly enabled students to score on level or above on a state writing assessment (and I did it several years in a row), I took on any volunteer position that was there, and I did it all with a smile on my face without complaining to anyone (except my husband.) I was SURE I was going to get “Teacher of the Year” so many times, because I saw no one doing as much as I was. 

Well, you guessed it, never did it happen. Not. One. Time. I lived on Disappointment Boulevard every year. 

Eventually, I accepted the fact that I was a good teacher, without recognition of others. Age helps. My mantra to myself and other teachers became the following: go in your room, close your door, take care of your kids, and forget everything else. Yet, I held on to a negative attitude about the Teacher of the Year for years. I wouldn’t have admitted it, but I did. 

Why am I going on and on about teaching? I want you to understand how the 4 steps for dispelling negativity can play out. 

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Some people love spreading negativity

As is our usual practice, teachers gather in the hallway between classes to supervise students as classes change. The usual banter burbled between us. We talked about kids, discipline, strategies, lessons, homelife, etc. Suddenly, a fellow teacher, we will call her Pouty McFrowny, from down the hallway, came out of her room and clearly set her trajectory for my group at the end of the hallway. I remember thinking, “Here comes trouble.” (Note MY negativity.)

Upon approach she asked, “So, did you see who got Teacher of the Year?” We had not. The email announcement had just gone out. Pouty continued. “It’s a coach! He’s only been here one year. He teaches driver’s ed for Christ’s sake! How could he possibly get this? Do you know how much I’ve done this year? Do you know how defeating this is?” (I was thinking, “Yep, been there, done that.”) 

Next, I stood there and watched as the imaginary green cloud of negative bad breath spread to everyone around me. One teacher verbally documented all the years of great evaluations she had received. Another touted all the awards she had helped the school win. Yet another began to cry (yes, cry) about how unappreciated she felt. 

I slowly backed away from the pity party wave that threatened to sweep me into its undertow. “What is happening?” I questioned myself. I  looked at Pouty’s face, and I swear I saw satisfaction in bringing everyone to her state of mind.  I saw the vibration. I saw in real time how a vibration spreads. I had to walk away.

As I pondered this event over the next few days, truthfully, I realized I saw nothing but myself, and all that had happened. I was a version of Pouty McFrowny.  I had been her.  She was me. I realized how the torch of negativity had been passed on to me from others, and how I myself had passed the torch on to the teachers who were now within my department. Wow!  I saw in all of them my creation.  No, I didn’t create all of it, but I certainly had not slowed the momentum of that negativity. I didn’t want to work in this. I didn’t want to run away from it either. I couldn’t help but feel like this was one of my energetic lessons. So, what to do? These people around me looked miserable, and I wanted better for them and myself.

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Negativity reconfigured

I didn’t have a solution, but what I did have was awareness to ruminate about it, which is the same as giving it to my source, my inner being, my guides, etc. I knew an answer would come. It always comes.

Maybe a week or so later, the answer came. It was nothing like I expected. It seemed to come out of nowhere. It was an answer for all of us. It was my spirit team flowing through me because I wanted them to help.

It was a typical day and as usual, Pouty gleefully sought out company to share misery. As she trotted toward my group of hallway pals, I could feel the tide of drama rolling in. “Did you see the email?” Again, we had not. “They called a faculty meeting today, after school. No warning! Mandatory! I can’t believe the lack of respect.” Immediately, I felt and saw everyone shift to unhappy. It was like we all did an involuntary, synchronized slump.

“No!” I thought. And then, “Wait! What?” Seeming randomly, out of the depth of my soul (actually from my soul tribe) came such laughter. I laughed. Hard. Then I wanted more. I suddenly jumped into a Mary Catherine Gallager double high five stance and shouted, “YES!!  AWESOME!!! I can’t wait!!!” I jumped more. “ An unannounced faculty meeting! Can it get any better?! What a great day!!”

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Crickets. Stares. Then…laughter. (Dramatic energy shift.) One other teacher jumped on the bandwagon with me. “Let’s make a bingo game for the meeting. I’ll make the cards. If anyone thinks of anything to put on the card, email it to me.” Off she gleefully went to her room to make the cards. More laughter. Another teacher then said, “Let’s do a drinking game. Every time an administrator says ‘collaborate’ or ‘growth mindset’ we all have to drink our water. See if they notice.” Giggles.

I stepped back and just watched. Wow! If momentum had been a wave, I saw it roll in and roll out. THAT was fun. Even Pouty smiled, a little. 

If we are aware, we have a mission. That mission is to help and to love. We are here to help people cast off their burdens and follow a lighter path wherever we can. We are all connected. So, if we are shifting the negativity of a moment or of a group of friends, we are shifting the energy of the planet. Just like negativity, positivity is contagious. Isn’t that what we say about laughter? 

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Let’s add one more to that list above. 

  1. Stand back and truthfully read the energy around you.
  2. If you are feeling negativity, find the lie you are believing.
  3. Talk to your spirit team and ask them to help you.
  4. Get out of your head and watch for your team to step in and help.
  5. Rejoice. Enjoy the moment or the experience. 

If you need help, or are just curious contact me for a reading. Let’s have fun! Peace Y’all! Leah

Peace, Ya’ll!–Luna Leah

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