5 Ways to Easily Improve Positive Momentum, FAST

(And Improve Your Ability to Manifest)

Awakening moments, events, revelations occur in such variations. As I deal with clients on Insight Psychics, I love to collect the stories they tell about when they first began to see the world as it really is–out of the matrix, if you will.

So many have told me that when they began to release what they held as vital or limiting (the proverbial corks of limited beliefs held under the surface of water then let go) they felt their spirits propelled into light, and positive momentum, and peace and a whole new way of enjoying life. Yet, then, the distance between what feels like negative momentum and positive momentum became clearer and, in many ways, more painful. You know, “How can we keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Pair-ee?”

I’ll use an example from my own life to illustrate. My entire life I had a sentence that would play through my head regularly, like daily, or more like hourly (or less). That sentence said, “I’m a bad person.” I believed this because my life experiences had told me that if I was good enough, good would come to me. I needed to be a very good wife, a very good religious person, and very good, selfless (as in all others first) (fill in the blank). My belief was that if I was selfless and giving and loved my fellow man enough (more than myself) I would be somehow seen as good, and then, unlimited good would come to me in the form of manifested money and peace and prosperity and love. 

It didn’t. In fact, things manifested poorly. So my sentence that “I’m a bad person” was solidified in my being. Yet, once I woke up (that’s another article) and worked through issues from my past (we all have them) the sentence stopped…it just stopped. I. Was. Stunned. Sometimes, I remember that sentence, and I am still amazed its once held power over me and its now lack of power over me. It’s momentum ended. 

This thought that had walked with me my whole life had just been dropped off somewhere. How motivating!!! I felt such freedom and self acceptance and joy and, yes, positive momentum. I wanted more, more, more!

Next, I understood from several great energy teachers that the reason the sentence left was because I had taken a turn from negative momentum to positive momentum so that it no longer fit my higher level of being Boy, it sure felt great. So, my next question was “How do I stay in this positive momentum?” Well, I realized that I couldn’t…constantly. We just interact with too much stuff on a daily basis to stay in a constant positive state. “Okay,” I thought, “I can accept that.” So, then, how do I take a negative momentum moment and turn it into a positive one and get back to that positive, joyful, full-of-light place? 


I know, I know…many hate writing, yet, think of the following: thoughts are positive or negative energy. Words are tangible thoughts. Words then are stronger forms of positive or negative thoughts. The stronger the written positive word, the stronger the positive vibration and positive momentum.

First, put the negative on paper. I used to wake up in the middle of the night with thoughts of fear of finances or work concerns or my spouse’s health concerns, or things I needed to be sure to take care of, etc. I started keeping a notebook by my bed, and when I woke up with upsetting thoughts, I would just put them on the paper and close the notebook. It did help. I knew what I wrote would be there in the morning when I was thinking clearer. Then I would pull up videos of puppies and babies on my phone. (Happiness.) Next thing I knew, I was headed back to sleep. 

Now, I write down the negative thoughts, events, aspects on one side of a paper, and I write 2 positive aspects (hopefully 2 positive for every negative) on the other side of the paper. Or, I write negative aspects of something on one page and positive aspects on another. Then, I dramatically tear out the negative and throw it away or burn it. Rarely do I ever keep the negative items, because I don’t want to accidentally revisit them. That way, positive momentum wins!


This is so, so very powerful!! You don’t have to feel like you’re in a low vibration to feel the energetic boost of laughter and glee. Medically, laughter is considered a “non-pharmacologic intervention.” Studies have documented “laughter therapy” as a “universal approach to reduce stress and anxiety” (Kuru and Kublay, 2017; Heidari et al, 2020). 

Find videos of your favorite comedians. Watch that movie that always makes you laugh. My favorite that always makes me laugh are episodes from The Carol Burnett Show, and I also love reading Mae West quotes. 

I journaled one day (as described above), and I was having quite a difficult time coming up with not only positive aspects, but also more than one positive aspect for every negative aspect. Thus, my positive momentum was becoming (it felt like) less solidified. In frustration, I put down my list and picked up my Roku remote.

My Youtube feed included a video of Carol Burnett Show outtakes – Tim Conway’s Elephant Story So, I watched it. After I laugh/snorted so loud the dog came to check on me, I laughed even harder. When I finally settled down, I watched another and another. I was on a high, then I was full of peace and relief. The thought came to me to try again with my journal. I knew I was obviously in a way better place. It worked. Actually, I was able to delete most of the negative list because I was then in a new state of a higher vibration and positive momentum. The negative aspects didn’t matter anymore. How about that?!


No parameters and no judgment here. Exercise is what you choose. It’s just movement. Try it for 3-5 minutes. That is it. Then decide if you want to do more. 

I consider exercise just bending over sometimes. I actually like pulling weeds. It’s a satisfying activity. I bend over and try to pull up weeds from the root. My hands in the dirt, the satisfaction of eliminating the weed, bending over to pull, standing up to throw the weed in a bucket or trash. Once I start getting too hot (3-5 minutes) or I finish an area, I often have moved my thoughts in a positive momentum direction. This is also a great grounding activity to push you out of being in your head, where negative momentum can live.  

Stroll around the block or around your living space. Go to a park and walk. Again, no judgment, especially of yourself. Do as much or as little as you like. Do try to make it 3-5 minutes before you stop or change to another strategy. It also may help to power walk for a bit. 

I used to power clean when I would be in a negative head space with my late spouse. It always helped me improve my positive momentum because I felt productive with the cleaning. Obviously, I wasn’t feeling productive with my spouse at the moment, so I found a way to feel productive by cleaning and then used that momentum to try again to be productive with my spouse. It didn’t always work because we are dealing with humans here, but I always felt more positive momentum when I approached him again to resolve an issue. Sometimes my house got quite clean, but that made me feel better, which was a positive momentum builder. 

Take a nap!

So, after all that exercise and cleaning, if all else fails, sleep. As a teacher, negative momentum was easy to fall into, and I don’t mean because of the kids. Often it was the adults who were the most negative. I can’t document how many times I went to school in a funk and within a few minutes, I was laughing and cheerful because of the positive energy coming off of the kids. 

When I did feel I was in a negative momentum at school, I would often lock my door, turn off my lights and just meditate. Most of the time I would listen to rain or brown noise on my phone. (No kids were in the room. It was my planning period.) Almost always I would doze off for a few minutes. I called it power napping. I always felt better. Then when you come out of meditation or nap, go right to something to move you to positive momentum. I would make a cup of coffee or tea and get a little snack (preferably chocolate). This might not put you in a positive momentum, but it will certainly stop the negative. 

Forgive yourself

A wall that stops us from moving forward from a negative trajectory is often our dismay at what we perceive to be our own flaws. We judge our seeming lapses into negative momentum as wrong. Energy moves. Energy moves in positive and negative ways. We need both for both to exist. Tell that negative momentum, “Thank you.” 

Here’s an illustration of how this works. I was walking one morning in a park near my home. I try to stay in bliss as much as I can. Oddly enough, I was contemplating how fear can derail that bliss. I looked down and was jolted out of my bliss by a snake. Alright, it wasn’t a snake, it was a stick. But, I went into instant fear with that stick. A stick! I thought to myself, “Yeah, you’ve really got your vibrational mojo happening, don’t you?!” The next lap around, I saw the stick and said, “Thank you” to the stick, and therefore the fear. That stick helped me see a fear that I have, and nothing halts forward momentum like fear.

What else then is there in my life that is keeping me from my bliss? What fears are jumping up in front of me and making me go into a negative momentum or just keeping me stagnant? I laughed because I was aware then that all fears are all actually sticks! I had to not only forgive myself for being fearful, but I also had to show gratitude for the bigger lesson the little snake (stick) taught me about any other fears that may jump into my path.

Obviously, this list isn’t exhaustive. It’s not meant to be. What it will do, however, is help you move into the headspace of other possible forward momentous strategies. 

Peace, Ya’ll!!!

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