5 Ways to Develop Your Intuition and Improve Your Life

5 Ways to Develop Your Intuition and Improve Your Life

Is it possible to learn to be more intuitive in your own life? You can prime your mind and body by using these five techniques to enhance and develop your intuition.

In recent years, the concept and practice of intuition has moved out of the shadows and become mainstream. Great minds and well-respected leaders have publicly embraced intuition, stating it has helped them make leaps in knowledge, science, and business.

In his self-titled biography, Steve Jobs stated “Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion. That’s had a big impact on my work.”

Albert Einstein once spoke of intuition as a sacred gift and likened rationality to a faithful servant.

Techniques to Develop Your Intuition

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an exceptional tool you can use to develop your intuition. It’s simply a practice of being completely present and aware, emotionally, intellectually, and physically, at any given moment.

Mindfulness is an especially important concept in today’s world of information overload and the constant input and demand of social media.

Below are a few techniques for practicing mindfulness.

  • Daily Meditation. There are a variety of meditative practices out there, all designed to calm the mind and enhance well-being. You can find books, internet resources, videos, and apps to help you learn about and practice meditation. I use an app called Insight Timer, which has thousands of free meditations (and even courses and classes).
  • Breathing Exercises. You’ve heard the phrase, “Take a deep breath.” Stress makes us breathe more shallowly. Intentionally controlling how we breathe calms the mind and body, almost instantly. This article takes you through a few breathing techniques.
  •  100% Focus on Everyday Tasks. When was the last time you ate a meal without watching television or looking at your phone? Have you ever listened to every single note and word of a song without interruption? Take yourself off autopilot next time you fold laundry and notice each movement, how the different clothing material feels, and whether they are still warm from the dryer.
Keep a Journal

Writing is a powerful mindfulness exercise all on its own and a great way to help develop your intuition. One key is to be intentional about what you focus on while you write.

I recommend writing by hand rather than writing on your computer. Some people carry a notebook with them to capture moments as they occur.

  •  Capture Dreams. This works best by writing them down immediately upon awakening, even in the middle of the night. You may notice patterns and consistent messages. The more you write down your dreams, the more aware of them you’ll become. Sometimes they are intuitive; sometimes you’re just downloading the day. As you tap into your intuition more frequently, you’ll begin to see which is which.
  •  Engage in Reflection. I’ve often realized later that a thought was actually an intuitive hit. It can be the most mundane moments, like the time I splashed cleaner into my eye. Later, I realized that that very thought had crossed my mind before it happened, but only the act of reflection made me see it. Use your journal to reflect on and write down these moments. This will build your awareness and intuitive strength.
  • Record Hunches. Use your journal to write down any hunches or feelings you have. Review them within a few days and see how many came to pass.
Focus on Creativity

Getting out of your head and into your creative mind helps immensely as you develop your intuition. Creative endeavors put you into a state of flow, and what is intuition but a state of flow?

  • Creative Tools. Crayons. Yes, crayons. And markers. And watercolors. And pencils. Anything at all. Dig out these fun tools and use them with abandon. Draw freestyle, color the newspaper (some people still get those), or use one of your kid’s coloring books and create with abandon. Practice this creativity until your mind relaxes and releases worries.
  • Poetry. Before you scoff at this idea, remember – nobody is going to see it, and you aren’t writing poetry to impress others anyway. One of the best ways to get started is to read a few poems as inspiration. Pull a line from a poem and use it as a prompt. Write by hand, not by computer. Follow my simple rules (I use these in my writing groups): leave the critic at the door and keep the pen moving.
  • Learn Something New. This speaks for itself. Take a class; go on a museum tour; watch a cooking tutorial and make a fancy dish; learn chess; learn to dance.
Notice Your Body

The spirit, the mind, and the body are all intricately connected. In the United States, I’ve noticed a tendency to separate the body from the other two and treat it as if it must be somehow “controlled” separately.

Your body is a fantastic intuitive instrument. Have you ever walked into a room and realized you felt uneasy? Did your body react with a sudden tenseness of the shoulders or jaw or nervousness in your stomach? This is an intuitive message.

  • Be mindful of how each part of your body is feeling every day. Get quiet and ask your body what it’s telling you as a way to tune in when needed.
  • Incorporate physical movement into your day: walking, stretching, sweeping the floor, gardening, dancing to your favorite music. Connect with your body more fully.
Work with a Mentor

As you incorporate one or all the methods above to develop your intuition, you might consider working with a mentor, spiritual leader, or psychic/intuitive professional. Many experts offer intuition development courses, classes, and individual coaching. Do your research to find someone who resonates with you. There are as many methods for teaching you how to develop your intuition as there are people who practice it.

Develop Your Intuition

Learning to be more intuitive will help every aspect of your life, from relationships to careers to parenting and everything in between.

Practice these five techniques to develop your intuition, and watch your world open!

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