5 Easy Steps to Your Meditation

(Meditation YOUR Way)

Do I really have to meditate

Do I Really Have to Meditate?

No, you don’t have to, but if you do, you will feel so much better, which will allow energy to flow to you.

It will truly change your life. It will move things in and out of your life.  It will allow your spirit team to bring you and help you will all the things you want from them. Otherwise, you may spin your wheels for a lot longer before the things you want actually come about. The things you want are meant for you, regardless. So, logically, if meditation is a means to an end, why not try? The side effect may be that you feel better. (Sarcasm) How awful!!

Many people errantly think that to meditate, you have to become silent, listen to silence or listen to one sound. They are right, mostly. However, if that doesn’t feel right to you, DON’T DO IT! Find what feels quiet to you…to you. It is okay, allowed for you to find your point of peace in a video, a song, a dance, etc. Start there. Start in YOUR place. This is where listening to your intuition begins. Acknowledging where is your personal place to find peace is listening to your intuition.

Meditation will bring happiness. Bringing happiness into your experience is bringing energy to your experience. You will feel it. You will feel peace or relief or light or joy, or…or… Right now, think of an experience that gave you joy. Only focus on that experience. Can you remember how it smelled? Who was there? What you felt?

How do I meditate

How do I meditate?

Meditation Step One:

If you feel negativity about doing the dishes right now, don’t do them. Begin with love to yourself. If, however, doing the dishes is Zen for you, by all means do them. Step one is finding any point of peace and making the most of it. Is it an action like doing a dance? Is it in sitting in nature? Is it sitting on your favorite couch? Is it scrubbing the stove? Find places where you feel peace.

Meditation Step Two:

Once you identify a point of peace, feel that energy and hold it.  Enjoy it.  Relish it.  Be selfish with it. Stop now and hold it. Hold it while you count until you feel relief, if only for a few seconds. Notice if you suddenly take a deep breath or sigh. That is your vibration rising and your resistance lessening

Meditation Step Three:

Next, go back there. Hold it as long as you can and begin to feel any points of light in your body. If the word “light” doesn’t resonate with you, where do you feel better or relief.

Pause a moment. What does relief feel like? Think about a time when you thought you lost something, like your car keys or your phone. Then think about how it felt to find the item. Such relief! Such peace. Such relaxation.

Meditation Step Four:

Go back again, and you will become aware of tension somewhere in your body. Are you holding a tight fist? Are you tense in your legs, and you are jiggling your foot? That is your inner being pointing out that you are in sync with source, but you are holding something. Try to relax it and start again. Start again until you release all tension.

Meditation Step Five:

Now, go back again, without that tension and relax into the light or peace. Don’t reach for it. Relax into it. Hold it.

If your mind wanders, good. Pay attention to it. Acknowledge it. Ask yourself if that matters right now. If it takes you away from your peace, if peace/relief stops being dominate and the thought becomes dominate, write it down or brush it way and tell yourself, you’ll be back to that later. With very little practice, you will feel the difference in a peace place and a not peace place. Both are created by thoughts.

To sum things up…

Meditation is like the Law of Attraction; you can’t force it. Start with where you are and love it as much as you can.

I meditate, but I allow my feelings to guide me. Sometimes, I just can’t seem to be still enough.  I just can’t settle into it. So, I do something with movement to work some of that energy out of me until I feel the impulse to slow down. Walk, do something physical, play with your fur babies or babies, etc.

Many times I listen/watch to YouTube videos of uplifting speakers about Law of Attraction or spiritual topics. At some point, if I become aware of how happy I feel or uplifted or full of light, I stop the video and just hold the sensation as long as I can. Blissful. 

How do I know meditation is working? How do I know I’m doing it right?

Relief from tense thought in any form is the goal. If at any moment, even just a moment, if you feel relief or peace, you’ve done it right. And, don’t accept that you must do it one way. As you practice YOUR way, it will grow naturally. Love yourself enough to keep reaching for YOUR way.

You are not alone in meditation

You are not doing this alone!

Your spirit team is there encouraging you. When you do enter into a meditation, just say to them (aloud or not) to help you find peace. They are on it! They love this! They will blast you with such peace to pick up on. If you don’t feel it right away, know that you have made progress in acknowledging them. Keep speaking to them. They always show up.

Realize, your human self is weaker than your spiritual self. The spiritual self will connect more and more. But…your spiritual self is a gentleman or lady. It will not force itself upon you. It will wait to be asked to come forward. Besides, what else do they have to do? They adore you, all the time!

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