Partner Attraction: 7 Things to Do Today!

Partner Attraction: 7 Things to Do Today!

One of the biggest (if not THE biggest) question asked in psychic readings is about the presence or lack of presence of a romantic partner. For all kinds of reasons, we seek out these relationships. I’m not a relationship expert, but I do know there are things you can do to help attract your romantic partner or love interest.

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1. Work on yourself.

Heal. Raise your energy. Find a new passion. Avert your attention. Delimit your beliefs. You will attract a romantic partner who is a reflection of you. Be your favorite you.

2. Ask for what you want to attract a romantic partner. 

Before I ever knew about the Law of Attraction I spoke to my perception of God and stated what I wanted in a partner. I said I wanted him to have dark curly hair and a mustache. (It was the ‘80s.) I wanted someone who was musical and liked theater and antiques. I got exactly that. While the marriage didn’t last, my understanding did that I had attracted just what I asked for. 

So, when I went in search of my second partner, I did it again. I clearly remember stating several times to the universe, “I don’t care what he looks like, I want him to have fun all on his own. And I really want him to like girls. (I had failed to tell the universe to make sure my first husband wasn’t gay. Who knew?! Obviously, not me.) Regardless, I got exactly what I asked for. He was a fiery Sagittarius and fun all day long. He wasn’t a “handsome” man in the traditional sense, but he was extremely charming. We had 20 fun-filled, fiery years together.

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3. Create a space for a partner

If you have no space available for a partner, you may have difficulty attracting one. Clean up. Fix up. Clear out. Let go

After my second husband passed, it took a long time to make space. I got rid of a great deal of stuff pretty quickly, however, I didn’t clean as I should. He was sick for a long time and was on blood thinners. All he had to do was swipe his arm on a door and a wound was formed. I used to make the joke that the Angel of Death in the Bible had nothing on me. (That’s referencing the Passover of the Angel of Death in the Old Testament because the Israelites put blood over their doors.)

We had blood splatters everywhere. Oddly (I know very oddly) I didn’t clean off all the tiny blood spots until about a year after. In a weird way, it was a real piece of him that gave me comfort. Grief is a funny thing.

Then, when I did finally clean off the blood, clean out the closet, purge and purge and clean…in came another man. We didn’t make it to partners, but I’m sure it was an energetic connection that occurred because I prepared and opened a place. I also believe it was the Universe around me teaching me how these things work. 

4. Tell the Universe you are ready to get ready to attract a romantic partner. 

Literally, speak out loud to the universe. State that you are ready to at least practice. Your spirit team will hear you. Then show them you are ready by preparing to date. Go on dating sites. See what’s out there. Maybe go on a practice date or two. But, you don’t ever have to really meet anyone. And, if you want to stop talking to someone, just stop. These days, ghosting is kind of built into the dating online system. It’s kind of expected.

Just get used to talking and flirting. A wise friend of mine said, “You can say and ask whatever you want. You never have to meet them.” She was right. It is a very candid way of meeting someone. It’s true, you might meet someone quickly, but I encourage you to take your time.If someone offends you, just stop talking to them. Block them. 

In the midst of that, learn about dating for your age group. For example, Jonathan Aslay has a great series of videos for middle-aged daters. His YouTube channel is found at

Now a warning: Dating sites can be ripe with predators. If you are very vulnerable, I do not recommend going on them. There are people on there who will prey on people who hurt. Read about catfishing to avoid it. Be informed about good online dating practices.

To sum up, attract a romantic partner by preparing yourself to be ready. 

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5. Get a psychic reading to attract a romantic partner. 

Looking into your energy can help you clean it up and make it ready to meet someone. As Abraham Hicks says, if the energy that creates worlds can create all you see and don’t see, out of all the people in the world, there is someone, many someones, out there for you. 

A psychic reader may be able to tell you the energetic signature you are attracting. It’s kind of nice to know someone is coming to you. However, please know that timing can be very, very difficult to pinpoint. Because of free will, things can change. Yet, there are readers out there who are very good at providing timing.

6. Vibration of a romantic partner precedes the manifestation 

If you vibrate in the lack, you will attract the lack. If you vibrate in love and acceptance, that is what you will attract. 

1. Pretend you are in a relationship. How would it feel to wash dishes with your partner in the next room.

2. Fantasize how you met. Speak it out loud. 

3. Fantasize a typical evening at home. Go step by step.

4. Talk to them as if he/she is there with you. 

5. Tell the universe what you appreciate about the person. 

6. If you have a limiting belief based on something you can change about yourself, pursue the change. 

A limiting belief is anything that you believe about yourself that makes you say, “I can’t…” “It won’t happen because…” Take cooking classes, learn to dance, go to the gym. Don’t be in a victim mindset. Do all you can to get past it.

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7. Stay in as much joy as you can.

Watch funny movies, comedians, puppy videos, etc. Happy people attract. I’ve always told my kids, “People will gravitate to happiness.” So logically, if you are the happy person in the room, they will find you. 

Warning, don’t get too caught up in your head about your pursuits. Allow yourself breaks. There are psychic junkies on every psychic site who become obsessed with finding and hearing about their next romantic partner. Remember, you will attract what you focus on. If you focus on the lack of that romantic partner, that is what you may attract. 

If you need help, or are just curious contact me for a reading. Let’s have fun! Peace Y’all! Leah

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