Psychic Reading: Top 10 Things a Psychic Reading Can Teach You Today!

1. A psychic reading could help you find deeper meaning in your life.

A psychic reading could help you find even a little nugget of deeper meaning in your life. From that nugget, you could move toward your best self and best spiritual fulfillment.

Let me tell you a story about someone very close to me. We will call him “Stewart.” As a young man, Stewart built a successful business. He married, raised a family, divorced, remarried, and divorced again. As a middle-aged man, he was tired of his business and tired of relationships. His kids were grown and self-sufficient.He didn’t feel “old” enough to retire. And if he did retire, he questioned, “What would that mean? How would that look?”

In his search for meaning in his life, he found himself in darkness. He reached out to me and from that moment, I can trace how spirit has moved immensely in his life. Just because he sought out the light, the universe responded by searching out for him.  

Now he is pursuing spirit full time in South America. He is happy beyond measure. He has found a calling that made every hardship and difficulty, as he said, “Worth it!”

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2. A psychic reading could help identify possibilities that lie in your future.

There are so many trajectories that you are on at any given moment. Because of free will and choice and energy movement, you can explore a variety of possibilities. 

If your questions are about a romantic partner, you can find out what you may be attracting. If your questions are about career, you can find out the direction in which you are headed.

3. A psychic reading could help you learn about the traits and tendencies of you or of others.

If you struggle in relationships, you can talk to a psychic to see what may be creating your struggle. Is it you? Is it them? Is it a combination? Many psychics are also in touch with astrology, and you can have both a psychic and astrological reading to see your traits that you are here to project and those that you are here to work on.

4. A psychic reading could help identify what you need to improve your life.

Blockages occur for all of us. Because we are too close to something or too hurt by something (or someone) it can happen that we cannot see the forest for the trees. A psychic reading can provide an objective and broader look at you. Then, with a broader look, you may be able to redirect your energy to move forward to a better place.

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5. A psychic reading could affect the timelines of your life just by raising your awareness of current energetic tendencies/directions.

A commonly accepted theory by physicists is string theory. According to string theory, there are as many as 10 different dimensions, all happening simultaneously, and all having a purpose. If you accept that we are limitless beings and that time is happening all at once (past, present, future) you may be able to imagine the possibility of several timelines playing out and you experiencing several timelines all at one time. Timeline jumping is nothing more than moving your awareness from one series of possible events to another. Your soul knows no boundaries. 

Psychic reading can help you shift your focus to help you move to a better timeline: one in which you feel like you are living your best life. It may not be an easy shift, and you will probably have to do some inner work, but a psychic reading can broaden your perspectives of your possibilities.

6. A psychic reading could help you find your place in the universe and your spiritual destiny

Have you ever wondered why you are here, now, in this space? Have you ever wondered about spirit, its existence, its role in your life? Have you ever questioned, “Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose in life?”

If you have asked those questions or similar ones, you are looking to understand your place in the universe and your spiritual destiny. A psychic reading can give you the proper outlook that can set you on a journey to finding your spiritual destiny.

I have personally spoken to many people who felt that there was a higher calling on their lives. Almost like Neo in The Matrix, they feel like they are living a life that isn’t really theirs. A psychic reading might identify your spiritual strengths with which you came into this world and, possibly, give you ways to build up or build on those strengths. I’ve never met anyone who pursued their true spiritual purpose who did not find great joy and happiness in its pursuit.

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7. A psychic reading could teach you about signs to avoid and potential obstacles.

A psychic reading could tell you if there is an obstacle coming your way. Then you can avoid it! Or, you can be prepared and maybe attract a different outcome.  I, like many other psychic readers, use tarot cards as a means to focus, and the cards can provide a wealth of information, both specific and general about what is coming your way. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a shakeup coming in and it happened. 

Recently, I had two tower cards come out. One seemed like it would be small and the other seemed like it would be pretty shaky. One event that followed was losing a very favored ring. Its loss didn’t really shake up my life, but I did miss it like a little friend. Then, later, the bigger tower was when both my bathrooms flooded, at the same time. I had seen a shakeup coming, and I knew it would work out. So, I just laughed instead of becoming upset or in fear. A psychic reading can give you preparation, so you don’t fall into fear and thus create a better reality. 

8. A psychic reading could help identify what you need for romance–what to look for and what you need to work on.

I believe that the majority of readings are romantic readings. I know that I contacted Beth Layne several times when my husband was alive to help me navigate difficulties. She helped me find clarity because I was so close to the situation, I struggled with seeing right from confusion. She would often tell me, “There is great love there.” That little bit of information definitely soothed me. 

I’ve also read for several people to gain hope in finding a partner. Sometimes, we just need to know better is out there, or we need to know if we should continue in a relationship. Over and over I’ve helped people know the current feeling/energy of that special person. It doesn’t always bring peace, but it does always bring perspective from which decisions can be made.

9. A psychic reading could (with the right reader) work on energetic “trouble spots” that may be showing up in your body.

It delights me that Reiki has become more accepted as a practice to help people heal physically. Often, my sister, who is a Reiki practitioner, helped my mother with aches and pains in her old age. I’ve heard of blockages of energy being released ending a long history of migraines. If you’re lucky, you can find a psychic reader who also performs Reiki (such as Meribeth Lapidus). The combination of the two can help you not only heal, but also identify the root cause of the physical manifestation.

10. A psychic reading can help you identify hidden talents that could bring you happiness and success. 

What if you have abilities? A psychic reading can identify your spiritual abilities that you can use for good. Beth Layne is not only a psychic advisor, but she is also able to identify any spiritual abilities you may have. Do you “feel” things? Do you hear things? Do you lose time? A reader like Beth Layne can talk to you and get an immediate download about your psychic abilities and talents. She also is able to help you develop those for whatever purpose you want. It’s certainly worth a consultation reading from her to find out.

What have you got to win? It just may change your life for the good. Peace Y’all.

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