6 Signs Spirit is Trying to Communicate With You

When it comes to receiving messages from Spirit, it can feel like a daunting task to try and decipher if we are actually receiving a message and if we are, what exactly is the message? No matter who you are, what your story is, or what path you may find yourself on today, Spirit is always relaying messages to you. Outside of seeking assistance from a Medium to communicate this to you externally, there are a few ways that you can recognize signs from Spirit and their attempts to communicate with you to either validate or encourage a deeper look into your personal decisions, journey, and path.


Spirit-driven communication can oftentimes be described as subtle. If we aren’t paying attention and actively engaged with Spirit, we will almost always miss the sign. Synchronicity is a major player when it comes to receiving signs from Spirit. This can come in the form of receiving the same message from different people within a short amount of time, a dream that you have been having over and over with the same message or even meeting the right people at the most appropriate times.  

Unexpected Assets

When you’re on the path that is meant for you, many times things seem to simply line up. This isn’t to say that there aren’t or won’t be hiccups along the way, but the correct path allows for things divinely align and can feel as though everything is going smoothly. It often times can have you questioning “when the hammer will drop,” so to speak. When you are on the path that is meant for you, people, assets, and resources are in vibrational alignment with you. This is a clear sign of validation from Spirit that you are positively on your correct path.


It isn’t uncommon for Spirit to communicate to us through numbers. This could be number sequences such as 111, 222, 333, etc. However, these could also be numbers that are specific to you or a loved one, even a loved one that has passed on. Think Birthday numbers, Anniversary numbers, major dates, phone numbers, and things of the like.


Have you ever been listening or just turning on a radio only to hear the most perfect song to match your specific circumstance? This isn’t by chance. Spirit has made its presence known many times through the song. The song may be a message of hope, a message on how to handle a situation, or it may be a sign from a loved one that you hold dear telling you that they’re near, both from someone that is living or from someone deceased.

Electrical Disturbances

Flickering of lights, televisions turning on and off, channels turning without the remote, and cell phones receiving incoming calls from a deceased loved one are some of the ways that Spirit can use electrical disturbances to get in contact with you. While it may be easy to categorize this type of disturbance as nothing more than a wiring problem, in an effort to connect with you, Spirit can and will use electricity, devices, or disturbances in an attempt to get your attention.

Signs and Symbols

A lot of times Spirit will send signs to you through birds, feathers, coins, objects with initials or that are unique to you and your loved one. When you come across these signs, you will almost always know who is trying to connect with you or what they are trying to say to you.

When it comes to receiving signs from Spirit, it’s important to remember that the signs that you receive from Spirit is going to be received on a personal level, and that’s different for everyone. Spirit uses the channel that most resonates with you to reach and communicate with you. Perhaps receiving signs and symbols isn’t the best channel for you, but synchronicities are. Then synchronicities will be a channel that Spirit will use. This may not be the only channel that they use, but it will certainly be one.

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