4 Common Times a Loved One in Spirit Will Visit You

Have you ever wondered if there are certain times that loved ones visit the most? When will they show up? When they show up will it feel the same? The truth is, your loved ones can come and visit you at any time. While they may not always choose to visit in the same way each time that they visit, they most certainly will visit. Maybe you have even considered having a medium reading?

It’s helpful to know that for a Spirit to come down to this realm, a lot of energy is required from the Spirit. So while it may seem like a lot of time has gone by since a loved one has visited, please remember that because of the amount of energy that is required from them, they tend to choose their visitation times very carefully and wisely.

There are a few common themes and times in life when a loved one will visit. I fully believe that departed loved ones visit many times throughout the course of our life, but the ones mentioned below are very common.

Distraction Free Times

Quiet time or alone time when we are not distracted by the chore list, events of the day, people, work, and things that are required of us, is the perfect environment for loved ones to come to visit us! When there are limited distractions we are able to notice shifts in the energy around us. Our mind is also calm and quiet, and open to receive, allowing our loved ones a smooth channel to be able to communicate with us. When we’re distracted by the hustle and bustle of life, the subtle shifts in energy go unnoticed, as well as any guidance that we are meant to receive from them at that time. The fewer distractions that we have, and the clearer our mind is, the more in tune we become, and in turn, we are able to notice our loved one’s visit.

Life-Changing Events

Large, life-changing events are another wonderful and common time that our loved ones choose to visit. Personal achievements, the birth of a child, marriages, deaths, times of transition, periods of doubt, releasing ourselves from bad situations, and changing our life’s directional path are some of life’s events that foster an environment for a loved one’s visit.

Our loved ones want to see us succeed and they want us to be happy. They also want to offer guidance during the times when we need it the most. These visits can be either long visits or short visits. Be present and aware during these times, because visits from our loved ones are almost always certain to happen.


Our loved ones can choose to visit us during our sleep or wake us up from our sleep. When they choose to visit us in our sleep, we see them in our dreams. This can be a simple dream where they just appear to us, or it could be a dream where we are given an important message from them and the dream feels very real like, as though we are awake, and with them in that moment. These are known as visitation dreams. A visitation dream is identifiable purely from the feeling of the dream. 

Spirits have no concept of time on the other side. It isn’t abnormal for us to have visits from our loved ones while in a sleep state. For some, it is the only time that our minds are the calmest and most relaxed to be able to receive a visit from them or the information that they have for us.

Medium Readings

Sometimes an individual’s personal dispositions along with the chaos that life can bring, make it very hard for some to turn off the noise and to tune into Spirit. Your loved ones understand how you will best be able to receive a visit, and that could be through the form of a Medium reading. This is especially true when a loved one has recently passed away.

Our loved ones want us to find closure, and shortly after a passing, it’s hard to find that peace. A medium reading can allow you to connect with your loved ones on the other side. A reading from a Medium allows the reader to connect with their loved ones from the other side to bring forth the message that they want you to hear.

To recap, these are only a few common times that a loved one may choose to visit. There are many more. Your loved one’s visit may also not be easy to notice. Being able to recognize and identify true signs from your loved ones in the Spirit world takes time, patience, and stillness.

There are some people who may recognize and experience a loved one’s visit very quickly and easily. At the same time, there are others that may have a more difficult time recognizing visits from their loved ones, don’t get discouraged. 

When we see signs that a deceased loved one is near, it’s common to want to look for a way to gain connection, or to gain clarity from the signs that we are receiving from our loved ones. With a little bit of insight through a medium reading from one of our developed Mediums, recognizing a loved one’s visits can be validated with ease.      

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