What does that mean? 7 Psychic terms simplified


The gift of clairsentience allows a psychic to feel or sense the emotions of others, spirits or entities present, and physical and emotional sensations related to specific situations or events. They can feel the underlying energies connecting all living things, a deeper connection than normal human empathy. Some people who possess this ability can immediately feel the physical and emotional pain of someone they are speaking with. Many psychics believe clairsentience is linked to the heart chakra. Other terms include intuitive, spiritual, and psychic empath.


Those with the gift of clairvoyance have the ability of “clear seeing,” allowing them to access information about the past, present, or future related to a person, location, or event. Often, messages are received as flashes of scenes, symbols, or numbers with a specific insight or meaning. When performing readings, I work with my guide, William, and he often expresses messages to me in image form that I have to decipher. This occurrence is why I always have a pen and paper handy when performing a reading.


Oh, to hear, what a wonderful thing! Psychic abilities have a wide range, and we have discussed those that “see” and “feel.” Now we have those that hear. Clairaudience involves hearing sounds, music, or voices that others do not. Typically, these messages are not received in complete sentences. In my experience, they are words or phrases repeated until I focus and pay attention. These messages need to be acknowledged as they usually impact one’s life. Clairaudience is believed to be linked to the third eye chakra.


Ever have those moments when you know something but didn’t study for it and have never heard of it before? That is what claircognizance is, the ability to know things. To the non-psychic, this is intuition. However, those who have strengthened their clairvoyance have the insight of knowing these intuitive moments are when they are being guided. This psychic ability is used with others to enhance readings and help confirm information given to the psychic.


I often do readings under mediumship, as I communicate not only with those who have passed on but also with spirits of the higher self. Can a reading from a medium connect you with a lost loved one? Sure, but they can do so much more as they often have abilities in the “clairs” mentioned earlier! Mediums are natural conduits for connecting with other spirits by relaying the message verbally, channeling, or automatic writing.


Akashic Readings

Akashic readings are done by someone who has learned to access the Akashic Records. Akasha is rooted in Sanskrit, meaning “sky” or “ether,” and holds the soul books for everyone, past, present, and future. Practitioners of Akashic readings typically require you to submit questions before your session so that they may connect with your book, find answers, and more easily connect with your soul book during your reading. Although all universal knowledge is stored in the Akashic records, the information imparted typically benefits you in your current life.

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