What Is Grounding ? (and 12 Ways to Fix It)

Near where I live is a lovely shop that sells a voluminous array of incense, tarot cards, books, crystals, and the like. It is well worth a stroll in there for me to feel connected to others who have the same interests. I’m especially drawn to anything shiny: crystals, wind chimes, necklaces, and (especially) rings. So, of course, my eye was caught by a box beside the register that was full of dozens of black, hematite rings–cheap. I bought a couple of sizes. The sweet girl at the register said, “You know what those do for you, don’t you?” I did not.

Gleefully, she said, “They help release negative energy and can ground you.” Lovely, I thought. I was teaching high school English at the time, and nothing sounded better than anything to help release negative energy. Unfortunately, high schools are loaded with negative energy, so of course, wearing these couldn’t hurt. 

But…what was that grounding she mentioned? “Oh, well,” I thought. I happily wore them, and over the course of about three weeks, broke both and an additional three more that I had picked up to replace the original two. I mentioned all the breaking when I was developing my gifts with Beth Layne, a psychic medium, development coach, and an energy worker in her community for over 30 years. Her response was, “You’re very ungrounded.” And in hindsight, I was. Yet, at the time, I really did not understand what that meant. How could I fix this? I really liked those rings. Why should I fix this? What is it that is happening?

Could poor grounding affect me negatively?

I was told by many well-meaning friends about several ways to combat “ungrounding.” Play in the dirt. (Uh, triple water sign here, ick) Wear crystals. (Which ones?) Hug a tree. (I actually really liked this one.) However, I knew that until I understood what was really happening, it wouldn’t matter to me how much dirt I got under my nails. So, my quest began, and that is what I’m sharing with you here. I hope this answers your questions as it answers mine.

First, what does “grounding” mean?

Actually, you’ve probably heard this before, but maybe not in the context of your body and energy. With electricity, grounding is literally electrically connecting to earth. Our electrical systems in our homes are grounded to protect us from energy surges. Put that in the context of a person’s energy and realize “grounding” also means being connected energetically (electrically) to the earth. Grounding also implies that reality has a layered structure beginning with the ground.1 To me this spoke to our chakra levels going up our bodies.

Grounding then is connecting with the Earth physically, but it also means spiritually. On a physical level, grounding involves practices that help you (in your way) connect to the Earth.  Spiritually, it means tapping into the energy of the earth and, therefore, the universe.2

What does it mean to be grounded?

Grounding gives us a connection to the now, the present moment, the immediate. Because we get connected to what is only now, we are not trying to energetically vibrate with our past (which is unproductive) or our future (which is a speculation). Therefore, it pulls us into our physical experience of right now, and in the process, creates a sense of ease in the mind and stability in the body. Focus on that word…ease. Grounding creates calm, detoxes us from stress, and reminds us of who we are in this present moment. Grounding diverts our attention from thinking and makes us feel at home in our own bodies…(love that!). 

Logically, that makes sense. If I am focused and grateful right now, I am not spinning yarns in my own head–I’m not playing and replaying scenarios that happened or might happen and therefore, pulling energy to my head and away from my connection to the earth.

When I understood this, I remembered that at the time I was breaking all those rings, I was very shaken up energetically by a relationship that kept me in my head. I could even feel all my energy in my head all the time. (Okay, so I was love sick, but that is another story for another time. Next question.)

Why should I care about grounding?

Establishing a strong foundation with a healthy grounding energy allows you to face everyday things with security and calmness. As a Cancer sun and Cancer ascending, I’m uber Cancer. Security is a big, fat, hairy deal for me. Yet, I also don’t want to depend outside myself on my security. (Been there, done that.) Therefore, I thought, grounding could be very important and helpful for me. So, I had to ask…

When and how do I know if I’m not grounded?

The following list is at its best for helping you identify a pattern of behavior or a regular feeling. We all have moments that cause us to experience the following. It is only when the moment becomes chronic or a somewhat chronic feeling that we may acknowledge a lack of grounding. 

  1. Do you feel uneasy or lost? Ask yourself if you are looking at the past or focused on future events that haven’t happened. That is, are you pulling that energy away from your feet to your head. 
  2. Do you find that projects just don’t get finished? Are you aware of home projects that need to be done, but you just can’t think through how to complete them? And you have both a desire to complete them and a lack of desire to complete them. 
  3. Have you noticed that you lack pleasure or passion for things you used to enjoy? This could relate to the item above. Think about things that used to make you happy. You know, “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…” Have they been far from your thoughts lately? Have you forgotten them for a while?
  4. Do you feel a need to fix? People? Situations? Your life? This may be an indication that your higher self is signaling you to search. Regular grounding can bring you out of a possible “fixing quagmire” and give you clarity to proceed or to accept.
  5. Are you questioning things more than usual? Again, this may be your higher self that is accessing your awareness any way it can. An imbalance may come to light. Dissonance can be pronounced. Grounding can give relief to questioning because it places you in the now, whereas questioning places you in the past and/or the future. 
  6. Do you find you distract yourself to avoid your own thoughts and feelings? Watch your body. Are you moving too much, unable to sit still? You could be moving to stay occupied, but that distraction will feel unfulfilling.
  7. Are you having unusual physical symptoms? Are you tired or fatigued for no real reason? “You may have a hard time sleeping, or have difficulty concentrating. Physical symptoms of feeling ungrounded can include your heart beating quickly, shaky hands, and sweating. These are all signs of feeling ungrounded and not being in the present moment.” 3 

How did I get ungrounded?

Anything that takes you from your center can unground you, especially if it is somewhat chronic. Mommies and daddies, especially with little kids, become ungrounded because they have so many plates to juggle. Too much work, too much play, too much talking, too much emotion, etc. can make your energy unbalanced, and therefore, ungrounded. 

The process of grounding is an invitation to trust that we are and will be supported. It’s a reminder of our deep connection to the earth (and universe) beneath us, and the power it has to affect the way we think, feel and express ourselves.

How do I get my grounding groove back?

Find ways to reconnect with your inner self or center that begins to give you that feeling of security or calm.  As I stated earlier, I instantly feel better when I hug a tree. I don’t have a logical reason why, but the moment I lean, chest touching it, against a tree, I feel security. I feel peace. I am empathic (as are many), and somehow, I connect with that very solid energy. I hold it as long as I’m comfortable. It never disappoints. 

1. Touch dirt, grass, or trees. Yard work can easily take you out of your head and into your peace. Plants have a balanced energetic signature that we can feel. 

2. Yoga can help you realign and bring peace. It definitely takes you out of your head and focuses you on your center, 

3. Food can also help center you. Fresh fruit, vegetables (not overcooked), nuts, etc. Anything that is not manipulated with additives. Get the best you can.

Plus, there has to be some validity in the eating of chocolate to make you feel better. Remember the use of it in the Harry Potter books? After Harry had a particularly harrowing experience, he was offered chocolate because, as they told him, “It will make you feel better.” Yet, there’s nothing magical about chocolate, it’s (once again) the change of energy momentum for a moment. Now, I know, I can’t eat enough chocolate to get back in alignment, but it does help me begin a happy boost that moves me in the right direction.

4. Drink water. Watch water. Sit in water. Walk in water. Take a shower. Water. Water. Water.

5. Hold crystals while you meditate or wear crystals. (I’ve picked some that are easy to find.) Black tourmaline helps clear out negative thoughts. Smoky quartz balances energy and creates grounding. Clear quartz has a high vibration and helps declutter your mind. Hematite is grounding and can absorb some of your negative energy. Hold one in each hand as you focus on your center or source. Repeat your favorite affirmation or just repeat the word “love.”

6.    Also, here’s a strange thought, move rocks around, I call this “rock Tetris.” I LOVE moving rocks around my yard. I always feel grounded, secure, and in peace when I rearrange them. Satisfying.

7.    Especially if you are a fire sign, burn palo santo, sage or incense. Dragon’s Blood is one of my favorites. (I also heard my favorite tarot reader say to be sure and open a window to let out negative energy when you burn Dragon’s Blood incense.) 

8.    Music! Sometimes music can just lift you right out of a funk. Or (I know this happens to me) it can give you a good cry, which is always healing. If you get overstimulated, however, switch it up. AND DANCE!

9.   Pet your pets. Talk to them. Play with them. Ask their advice. Move your focus to them.

10.  Be Creative!!! Do you play music? Write poetry? Design rooms on a game? Paint? Pottery? Basketweaving? etc. Anything that takes you to a creative space in your head. ESPECIALLY, if you are doing something creative to help someone. A friend of mine crochets cat mats. I LOVE THAT!

11.  Near the beach? Play in the sand. Make a sand castle. Cover your legs in the sand or at the very least, cover your feet in the sand.

12.  Find YOUR device or strategy that enables you to find your center and peace. Anything that gets your energy to move out of your head and closer to your solar plexus could be your grounding strategy.

In general, feeling ungrounded is a common occurrence in this human form. Even Jesus got out of balance. (Remember that temple incident?) What did he do? He prayed on his knees (ground contact), found his father, found his source, and centered himself back into balance. Experiment with different techniques. YOU WILL find relief if only in small amounts. Sometimes just changing the energetic pattern and momentum you are in can move you back to your center and security and calmness.

Peace, ya’ll!

1https://www.uvm.edu/~lderosse/grounding_explz.pdf; Grounding Explanations Louis deRosset [forthcoming in Philosophers’ Imprint] January 4, 2013 



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